February 2, 2018

Quellcrist Falconer from Altered Carbon

Quellcrist (Quell) Falconer is a character in the Netflix sci-fi drama thriller called Altered Carbon, which was released on February 2, 2018. Quell Falconer is played by Renée Elise Goldsberry. ‘Falconer’ is brought up in Altered Carbon Season 1 Episode 1 when Takeshi Kovacs says to Laurens Bancroft’s “Hmm, you’ve read Falconer.”

Quellcrist Falconer from Altered Carbon

Quellcrist Falconer from Altered Carbon

Altered Carbon Background

Waking up 250 years after his death, Takeshi Kovacs (played by Joel Kinnaman) finds himself in a new body on Alcatraz to later discover he’s been summoned from the dead to help an industry tycoon unravel the story of his own murder.

Takeshi Kovacs from Altered Carbon

Takeshi Kovacs from Altered Carbon

Shortly into the series, Takeshi Kovacs is escorted from Alcatraz to the Bancroft’s estate above the clouds.

He is then brought into the possession of Laurens Bancroft’s promiscuous wife, Miriam Bancroft, which takes Kovacs onto the elevator. While on route to their library, Miriam expresses a special liking towards him.

Miriam Bancroft from Altered Carbon

Miriam Bancroft from Altered Carbon

When they arrive, Kovacs walks out and receives a ‘good luck’ just before he meets Laurens Bancroft (played by James Purefoy).

Altered Carbon Dialog

LAURENS BANCROFT: “Immersion and total absorb.” “Whatever answer you may seek, it is precisely where you are not looking.”

TAKESHI KOVACS: “Hmm, you’ve read Falconer.”

LAURENS BANCROFT: “Ah. I was alive during the Uprising, yeah”

TAKESHI KOVACS: “Yeah, So was I.”

LAURENS BANCROFT: “Oh. [stutters] Yes, my apologies. In…It’s all in the distant past for me, but for you, of course, it’s all rather different. There are very few us now… who saw firsthand what the Envoys could do. Ah-ha. [grabs book from bookshelf] Yes. [stutters] And I have to admit that I had a grudging admiration for you. Trained by Quell herself to be the most formidable fighting force that the galaxy had ever seen.”

TAKESHI KOVACS: “Well, that would sound better if we hadn’t lost.”

LAURENS BANCROFT: “This might… might interest you. [hands book to Kovacs] Oh, it’s all corneal streaming now. There’s something about the simplicity of holding the written word in your hand. The very hefty of it. [female voice whispering as Kovacs flips through] As men have done for countless centuries before us. It is a tie to our shared past.”

TAKESHI KOVACS: “Where did you get this?”

LAURENS BANCROFT: “I bought it at auction. Eh, supposedly it… [female voice whispers] Envoys take what is offered… is written by Falconer in her own hand.”


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